Huguan Siou Song Awards: Nick crowned overall winner


KOTA KINABALU: ‘Kiva Koupusan Nu’ composed by Nick Tudol was crowned overall winner in the 4th KDCA Huguan Siou Song Awards.

The song performed by Fanzi Ruji also won the best song award in the Kadazan category while Fanzi won best performance and best vocal prizes.

For the top award, Nick received RM5,000 and he received another RM2,000 for the best Kadazan song.

“This award has a very special meaning in my life...and I tributed it to my late father who passed away recently,” he said when met after the prize giving ceremony at the Hongkod Koisaan Kadandusun Cultural Association (KDCA), Tuesday.

“The song was released in 2013 and had won first runner-up in RTM’s Kadazan Popular Song Chart competition in 2017.

“I made it according to Fanzi’s vocal range where I assessed the maximum note that he can reach before finalising the composition.

“I am pleased to work with him and there will be future collaborations with him as well.”

On the event, he said, it was a good move by KDCA to organise it as it can serve as a good platform for local composers, lyricists and performers to shine.

“It is also an excellent stepping stone for us, especially those who have just venture into the music scene.

“Such events inject further encouragement to us to continue making music,” he said.

The other winners were ‘Magandad Dika’ composed by Ateng and performed by Hosiani Jaimis for the best Dusun song while ‘Pangkulimanan’ (Sharin Amud Shapri/Erdeeyona Christopher Kunjan) won the best Murut song.

The best lyric prize for Kadazan song was given to Cosmas Chin for ‘Piginavaan Titaak Mantad Savat’ while Benn Simon Bukag (Nosindualan) and Sharin Amud Shapri (Layavinku) received the best lyric awards for Dusun and Murut song, respectively.

The other finalists were ‘Okon Koupusan Nu’ composed by Douglas Henry and performed by Joveya,’Piginavaan Titaak Mantad Savat’ (Cosmas Chin/Queennera Francine), ‘Nosindualan’ (Benn Simon Bukag/Phauline Lenn), ‘Nokuro’ (Douglas Henry/Diandra Justin), ‘Layavinku’ (Sharin Amud Shapri/Nurfaziana Emran) and ‘Kalo Boh Malililianan’ (Apiang Sausun).

Meanwhile, KDCA President Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, who is also the Huguan Siou, in his opening speech, said the association will continue to support the works of local artistes.

“We will ensure this event will be the main programme for Kaamatan every year so that there will be a continuity of effort and commitment by our artists,” he said.

(Source from Daily Express, Thursday, May 23, 2019)