Persatuan Rungus Bersatu Sabah (PRBS), rejects the term "Momogun" for Rumpun as proposed by Momogun National Congress (MNC)

©Persatuan Rungus Bersatu Sabah (PRBS) courtesy call to Huguan Siou, (11092017)

A strong delegation comprising 35 Committee Members of Persatuan Rungus Bersatu Sabah (PRBS), led by its President, OKK Makinsos Nawai and accompanied by its Patron, En. Modiyim Layapan (Tenom District Officer) and En. Benedict Kuntong (ADO Matunggong), paid a courtesy call to Huguan Siou Yang Berhormat Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima, Joseph Pairin Datuk Kitingan, Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah, Minsiter of Infra-structure Development and President of KDCA at his office. Among the high level PRBS delegation in full Rungus cultural traditional costumes were Wakil Ketua Anak Negeri, Ketua Anak Negeri and Ketua Kampongs. Also present were KDCA Treasurer General, Datuk Joseph Paulus Lantip, KDCA Organizing Secretary, Mr. John Paujik and KDCA Director of Socio-Cultural Heritage Division, Dr Benedict Topin. 

In his welcoming address, the Huguan Siou thanked PRBS President, OKK Makinsos for their courtesy call and expressed his admiration and commendation of the strong commitment and determination by the Rungus community is preserving and practicing their cultural heritage. 

PRBS President, OKK Makinsos thanked the Huguan Siou for his time for their courtesy and went straight to the point in presenting their main objectives to meet up with their Huguan Siou. 

  1. To state their objection and rejection to the term "momogun" for rumpun as proposed by the Momogun National Congress (MNC). 
  1. To state their objection to Lembaga Kebudayaan Negeri Sabah (LKNS) in simply collecting dancers from here and there to perform Run gus Traditional Dances incorrectly to the detriment of Rungus Cultural image. The seek KDCA help to strengthen their cause to correct this anomalies in the LKNS cultural dance performances particularly on Rungus Cultural Dances. 
  1. To seek for greater role and allocation foe the Rungus Participation in the Annual Kaamatan Festival both at District and State Levels. 
  1. To request KDCA to allocate University Students on practical training with KDCA to help PRBS to do research and documentation works on the various aspects of the Rungus Cultural Heritage. 
  1. To request technical guidance from KDCA in setting up a Tadika School for Rungus kids using Rungus Language as medium of instruction. 

In closing OKK Makinsos then presented to Huguan Siou a copy of their Rungus Adat reference book and a copy of their PRBS constitution, with enthusiastic applauds from withnessing delegates.