RANAU: The Moginakan Festival is a platform of harmony and unity for the people, asserted Assistant Minister Local Government and Housing Datuk Joachim Gunsalam. 

“I feel grateful to see the presence of various parties and the people who are looking forward to this festival because this cultural celebration is uniting us,” he said. 

Moginakan refers to the annual Reunion Festival of the great multi ethnic Kadazan Dusun family, while calling to ancestral spirits and souls of all departed, said Joachim during the closing ceremony of the Moginakan Festival at Nunuk Ragang Hall here recently. 

“This is an example of harmonious and pluralistic society which should be celebrated by all parties’ regardless the political boundaries. 

“It teaches us the importance of unity as the foundation to strengthen the harmony of our rich ethnic and cultural diversity.” 

He said Moginakan is a time to meet friends and celebrate the festival together even though this is a Merdeka month. 

“And the presence of visitors have also proved how strong the spirit of brotherhood, friendship, sense of belonging and unity that has become a culture and daily life befitting the spirit of “NEGARAKU” and the theme of “MOGINAKAN” ,” enthused Joachim. 

He believed the involvement and commitment of all people especially the Kadazandusun Culture Association of Ranau(KDCA) in making the celebration a success through the display of traditional costumes, cuisines, “Rombituon” competition (singing competition) and others have strengthened the sense of belonging and friendship as well as allows us to understand the heritage of a race. He urged the people to always be with the government for the welfare and progress of the state. 

“Let’s support the government in order to build and develop the country and state successfully” called Joachim. “We need all the ethnics to stay united to develop Sabah because no one can do it alone,” he said.  

Meanwhile, Joachim also announced that the KDCA President Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan will allocate RM10,000 to KDCA Ranau to do the rewiring work of the Nunuk Ragang building in response to a request.

(Source form New Sabah Times, 8th August, 2017)