KDCA's International Students Exchange Program (ISEP).
14 Oct 2005

KDCA has recently established the International Students Exchange Program (ISEP). ISEP is under the purview of the Kadazandusun Youth Development Movement (KDYM).

The objectives of ISEP are:
  1. To provide students an early opportunity to understand the cultural differences of peoples of different backgrounds and nationalities;
  2. To propagate the traditional arts and cultures of the Kadazandusuns internationally;
  3. To broaden their horizons by learning to live and to cope with the day to day problems in an enviornment different from the one they have experienced at home;
  4. To further international goodwill and understanding for promotions of global peace; and
  5. To promote team spirit amongst participants.

In pursuant to these objectives, there will be the 1st ISEP Program to Korea on 18-24th October, 2005 involving Kadazandusun students from SM St Peter's, Telipok. The trip is led by KDCA. The hosts in Korea are the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation (GCF) and YongHo High School, Korea.


This is a reciprocation visit by KDCA after the Korean counterpart made a goodwill visit to Sabah during the Kaamatan in May.

During the Trip, the KDCA delegates will be taken to visit cultural shows, traditional villages and heritage sites in Suwon, Korea. The students will also be presenting Kadazandusun traditional dances to the Korean audiences. The Entourage consits of: KDCA Mr John Paujik (Central Committee Member / Head of Delegation) Dr Benedict Topin (Executive Secretary) Ms Anasthasia Nointin (EXCO - Unattached/ KDYM member) SM St Peter's Telipok Ms Mary Macdalena A Komuji (Principal) Ms Helda Kunau (Teacher), Ms Nuklia Jikar (Teacher) Students: Asheymillan Enis JC Rechealdera Japail Jeniffer Annie Ali Jessica Augustine Joanna Justin Larissa Hilary Lumandan Oemmelna Babana Guni Zannet Ponsius Teng Yaw Leong Further information, please contact: Allan G Dumbong (019-8310466). Some useful links: Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation (www.ggcf.or.kr Yong Ho High School (http://www.ggcf.or.kr ), Korean Folk Village (http://www.yongho.hs.kr), Gyeonggi Province (http://www.koreanfolk.co.kr)