Kadazandusun Genesis
12 May 2004
..excerpt from "The Kadazandusun Genesis and Traditional Worldviews" by Benedict Topin, about the punishments from Kinoingan to the sinful human...

Not desiring to lose humans forever, it was necessary to remind them of their vulnerability and nothingness without the loving providence of their omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Creators. From the Heavens then, were sent seven scourges of varying severity.

  1. The First Scourge: The War over the lost Tataba & Kolian Tree

  2. The Second Scourge: The Plague (Rapit)

  3. The Third Scourge: The Dispersion & Migration (Minogiurias)

  4. The Fourth Scourge: The Locusts (Minonombilalang)

  5. The Fifth Scourge: The Deluge (Minoluyud-palagob)

  6. The Sixth Scourge: The Drought (Minabpagadau)

  7. The Seventh Scourge: The Seedlessness and Famine (Pudsoh om Lous)

More details here:http://kdca.org.my/kaamatan/