KDCA Administrative Zones
01 May 2003
KDCA believes that peoples involvement and participation must be beneficial not so much in material form, but in purpose and meaning, and should contribute to an educative, and developmental experience to all participants of projects and programs. For administration and coordination purposes, KDCA has divided Sabah into 4 administrative Zones, under which 24 Districts and 13 sub-districts are grouped and demarcated. Zones are headed by the President and the three Deputy Presidents and the districts are chaired by KDCA Central Committee Members. The KDCA Central Committee Members comprise the following: 1. President 2. Three (3) Deputy Presidents (One elected and Two (2) appointed) 3. Ten (10) Vice Presidents (Six (6) elected and Four (4) appointed) 4. A Secretary General (appointed) 5. An Assistant Secretary General (appointed) 6. A Treasurer General 7. An Assistant Treasurer General (appointed) 8. An Organizing Secretary (appointed) 9. An Assistant Organizing Secretary (appointed) 10. Twenty (20) Ordinary Committee Members [Eleven (11) elected and Nine (9) appointed]. The power to appoint members to the Central Committee rests with the President. Appointments to the Central Committee Membership provide for the opportunities for balancing regional and ethnic representations within the leadership of the Association. KDCA HQ Address
  • Kadazandusun Cultural Association, Hongkod Koisaan, Km 7, Penampang Road, WDT 39 89509 Penampang Sabah - MALAYSIA
  • Telephone +6088713696
  • Fax +6088713350
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    Secretary: koisaan@kdca.org.my