KDCA adopts a two-pronged strategy comprising the socio-cultural development thrust (which covers 5 main Development Bureaus), and the entrepreneurship and commercial development emphasis.

Special Committees, Councils, Units and Sub-Committees have been created for the supportive implementation of programs and activities of the KDCA, which indirectly serves to increase opportunities for the participation and involvement of KDCA members in the overall movement and development of the association.

This whole central strategy is then passed on to the KDCA districts and branches for adoption and re-orientation according to local needs and conditions



1. Cultural Development Bureau
2. Economic Development Bureau
3. Human Resource Development Bureau
4. Women in Development Bureau
5. Health and Welfare Development Bureau
6. Organizational Development Bureau

1. Koisaan Investment Trust Fund (KTF)
2. Permodalan Koisaan Berhad (KPB)
3. Koisaan Educational Trust Fund (KETF)




The Human Resource in KDCA are its most important assets as they continue to determine whether the association is pro-active, dynamic and progressive or otherwise. As KDCA does not have the capacities to compete with profit oriented establishments in offering high salary scales for staffing, it has depended a lot on voluntary services from its members. This has been possible because of the Kadazandusun value system of group and community work known as “Mitatabang, Mokiwaya om Mogiulung”.


The KDCA’s programs and activities are funded from membership subscription fees, fund raising projects, members’ donations and contributions from philantropists, charitable organizations, individuals and friends of the Association.