I, __________ elected/appointed as ____________ of the KDCA, do hereby pledge to carry out the work and responsibilities duly assigned to me for the development of the Koisaan.

I also pledge to uphold, observe and defend the constitutional rules and regulations as embodied within the KDCA’s constitution.

Furthermore, I pledge to defend the integrity of the Kadazandusun Culture so that others may respect its dignity, and that we too can rise and keep abreast with other peoples of this world in all aspects of humane development, especially within our own country.

I solemnly make all these pledges in all truth, honesty and strength of mind. In God I place my trust and confidence. By His divine grace and help I shall endeavor to fulfill all the aforementioned pledges.


NB: Elected KDCA Central Committee Members make their pledges immediately upon election to office during the Triennial Delegates Conference.

Appointed KDCA Central Committee Members make their pledges in the presence of Elected Central Committee Members during any appropriate KDCA Central Committee Meeting, which is held once a month.