A socio-culturally and economically developed Kadazandusun Community; living their unique cultural heritage and enjoying a high standard and quality of life; meaningfully participating in the socio-cultural, economic and political affairs of the nation; educated, well informed and capable of carrying out their individual and collective roles and responsibilities at local, national and international levels and spirited with the values of universal truth, peace and justice.



To foster harmonious unity in diversity as basis for synergy and a facilitative venue for the cooperative, educative and developmental involvement and participation of the multi-ethnic Kadazandusuns in their self-determination to preserve, and develop their unique cultural heritage as foundation for on-going wholistic sustainable socio-cultural, spiritual, economic and political development.



To promote friendship, understanding, cooperation and progressive harmonious unity through cultural programs and activities

To preserve, develop and promote the Kadazandusun culture and indigenous knowledge

To foster love for literature, arts & crafts, music, songs, dances and dramatic arts among the Kadazandusun community

To assist in the preservation, standardization and development of the multi-dialectical Kadazandusun language

To encourage members to take an increasing measure of responsibilities in the civil affairs of the community as a whole

To encourage members to be diligent, creative, enterprising and self-reliant

To cooperate with other world’s indigenous peoples’ organizations with similar goals and objectives

To have and do such things as may be deemed necessary for the attainment of the above objectives