1. Executive Management Committee
2. Development Bureau Board of Directors
3. Commercial Development Committee
4. Kadazandusun Council of Elders
5. Legal Council
6. Research and Development Unit
7. Kadazandusun Language Consultative Council
8. Communication & Information Center
1. Language and Literature
2. Crafts, Arts, Designs and Costumes
3. Music, Songs, Dances and Drama
4. Food and Beverage
5. Culture and Tourism
6. Traditional Medicine and Cures
7. Publications, Library & Archives and Museum
8. Dewan Bahasa Kadazandusun
9. Sports and Recreation
10. Youth and Students’ Affairs
11. Services Appreciation and Awards
1. To identify, plan, organize, implement and coordinate socio-cultural, economic, educational, health and welfare, and women development programs for the KD community;
2. To identify, plan, organize, implement and collaborate with fellow researchers to conduct research activities pertaining to the culture, history, environment, social and economic issues and current affairs affecting the KD community;
3. To document and disseminate research findings to research communities, policy makers, the KD community and the public;
4. To set up and manage a KD Resource, Information and Communication Center;
5. To organize seminars, forums, workshops and discussions on issues pertaining to the KD community;To raise funds, receive donations and grants for the purpose of funding projects, programs and activities of the KDCA;
6. To publish and sell books, monographs, working, presentation and discussion papers, and other research documentation products;
7. To establish and maintain collaborative linkages and network with other relevant associations with similar objectives;
8. To coordinate and supervise all activities of the KDCA at local and national levels.



The supreme authority of the KDCA is vested in its Triennial Delegates Conference consisting of Branch Delegates, Un-attached Members Delegates, Group Members’ Delegates and Members of the Central Committee.

The Business of the Triennial Delegates Conference are:

1. To receive the Central Committee’s Report on the working of the KDCA for the past 3 years
2. To receive the Treasurer’s Report and the Audited Accounts of the KDCA for the Past 3 Years
3. To elect a Central Committee and to Appoint Auditors for the ensuing 3 years Term of Office
4. To deliberate on tabled resolutions and pass appropriate ones


Four Trustees, who are over 21 years of age, are appointed by the Central Committee and may hold office at the pleasure of the Central Committee. They may have vested in them all moveable and immovable properties whatsoever belonging to THE KOISAAN and shall deal with them in such manner as the Central Committee may direct.

The Secretary-General and Treasurer-General shall not be appointed as trustees

The Trustees shall not sell, withdraw or transfer any of the property of THE KOISAAN without the consent and authority of the Central Committee, whose decision shall be final unless over-ruled by a Delegates Conference