Keningau Kaamatan Fest May 1
09 Feb 2010
KOTA  KINABALU: Keningau will kick off this year's State-Level Kaamatan Festival celebration on May 1.
This was disclosed by the State-level Kaamatan Festival Committee chaired by Huguan Siou Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan at the Infratsructure Development Ministry, Monday.
Pairin, who is Deputy Chief Minister-cum-Infrastructure Development Minister, said that this year's festival theme would be "Cultural Diversity Foundation of Harmony" (Kepelbagaian Budaya Asas Keharmonian/ Pogisuaian Koubasanan Koimpuunon Piunungan)" as a contributing factor towards strengthening the family spirit within 1Malaysia.
Tambunan will hold its district-level celebration on May 15, while Klang Valley on May 8.
(Source: Daily Express,9/2/2010)