KDCA Forum is online for KDCA members
26 Jan 2008
The online discussion forum and business exchange can be accessed here and is now open for regular, attached and life members of KDCA. If you are a current member of KDCA, and yet to be registered online to be able to use the forum, please register so and let us know so we can update your online registration status. If you have registered online and an existing KDCA member, do let us know if you have issues accessing the forum and business exchange board. Kopivosian.
Revamped KDCA Website
01 Jan 2008
We have restructured the links in the left toolbar of this KDCA website to better serve the needs of our users. Notice the addition of KDCA Zones where users will have easy access to news and activities from all KDCA districts in Sabah, Labuan and Peninsular Malaysia. In addition, the Resources section is added, and contains links to downloadable documents offered through the website. We have also redesigned the layout of the website to make it less cluttered with easier navigation and easy to read font. Of course, this is very subjective -- so if you agree, just let us know. Contact us here for your feedback.
Memberships and Online Subscribers
01 Jan 2008
As of Jan 2008, the KDCA Website has introduced free online subscription membership to enable online users to register as subscribers to this KDCA website and have access to suscribers-only content of the KDCA website. Of course, the normal membership fees will apply for users that want to upgrade their subscribers status to KDCA Members (Life or Ordinary. Please review the membership fee structure here. If you have registered online previously, your subscription should be automatically activated and you may login as online subscribers here. If you have not registered: you may register so here.