KDCA Memberships Renewal Fees
09 Aug 2004
This is intended for existing KDCA members as well as new members that have registered as website subscriber but yet to upgrade to KDCA members.
  1. If you have previously applied for KDCA membership using the online form and have not submitted your fee payment, please do so soonest and do let us know once the payment has been banked-in. It is important to let us know upon your payment - please do so by email or contacting or KDCA HQ office (Refer to Contact Info). Please also enclose the proof of payment (scanned slip or transaction reference number) so we can amend your membership status and update our database.In addition, if you have forgotten your access password into this website, you may ask for a new one by using this password reset utility.
  2. If you have only registered as online suscriber, take note that you are yet a KDCA member. You are only registering as a user in this website to enable you to use some facilities in this website such as making comments to articles and participating in the KDCA forum. To upgrade your membership to KDCA Life or Ordinary member, please find out the fee amount that you will need to pay, and let us know once payment is made in order to upgrade your account.