Kadazandusun Genesis

There are various Kadazandusun stories of creation but common underlying concepts and symbolic messages thread the more dominant ones. Momolianism generally believes that both Kinoingan and His wife Sumundu have their complementary roles in the creation of the world and all its animate and inanimate contents, including man. The Seven levels of Heaven (Libabaou) was created first wherein the Lesser Divinities, Deities and Benevolent Spirits live.

The seven (7) levels of Libabou (Upper-world):

1. Kopinturu (Kopinturuk) : The Seventh Upper-world
2. Napantai (Darantai) : The Sixth Upper-world
3. Limunduk (Rundukon) : The Fifth Upper-world
4. Sinorindak (Sinukup) : The Fourth Upper-world
5. Dongkirison (Tingkuruson) : The Third Upper-world
6. Lungkowon (Pipiton) : The Second Upper-world
7. Hipompon (Koimpowon) : The First Upper-world

The ancient Rinait’s (Bobolian’ prayers) have been ordered in relation to the levels of Libabou. Thus, as Bobolian Losuim Moluntan of Kampong Purak Papar shared, if she needs to perform “Modsoluhut” momolian ceremony in connection with a lunatic or a mentally ill person, then she has to reach the stage of “rundukan” (state of seance) at “Kopinturu” (the Seventh and the highest Heaven). However, in the case of performing the “Monogit” momolian ceremony to appease the rice spirits, then she only needs to recite rinaits that will bring her to lowest heaven, which is “Hipompon”, the First Heaven.

Next Sumundu created an empty earth and Kinoingan created the skies to cover the earth and placed the planets to light it. Kinoingan made the ocean and Sumundu folded the earth to form mountains and rivers. Sumundu planted the numerous trees and plants and Kinoingan showered the rains and sunshine upon them. Kinoingan made lots of toys out of clay and each time Sumundu touched them they came alive and became the various numerous creatures of the world.

When Kinoingan and Sumundu finished creating the world, they entrusted their son and daughter maned Ponompulan and Ponompuan respectively, to take care of the world with their own free will to do as they wished with it.