This Women Council was revived following the decision by the KDCA Central Committee Meeting on 2015. The appointed committees had their first meeting on the 19th August 2015.

The Following are the Committee Members (2016-2018):-


Chairlady:   Zandi Tindarama Joanna Datuk Kitingan

Deputy Chairlady:   Zandi Sairah Indan

Secretary:   Zandi Flavian Majail

Assistant Secretary:   Zandi Elaine Nora Amandus

Treasurer:               Zandi Janeta Anthony

Sub Committees:  

Zandi Josephine Luping

Zandi Dr. Azlina Ekat

Zandi Luvita Koisun

Zandi Dr. Maria Sulaiman

Zandi Dr. Mary Gambidau

Zandi Angeline Boilis

Zandi Philomena Engsun

Zandi Shelley Jolison

Tati Rachel Ongkili

Zandi Maryanne Ghani

KDCA Women's Council Committee Members 2018 -2021:-

Zandi Tindarama Joanna Datuk Kitingan   - Chairlady

Zandi Angeline Boilis                              - Deputy Chairlady

Zandi Flavian L. Majail                           - Secretary

Zandi Phelomina Engsun                         -           Treasurer

Zandi Dr. Rosalyn Gelunu                        -           Member

Tati Frolyn Peter                                    -           Member

Zandi Amelia John Yagot                         -           Member

Zandi Christina Simon Kinsoi                    -           Member

Zandi Clarice Moiji                                  -           Member

Zandi Theresa Molidu                             -           Member

Tati Junzuenn Basalan                            -           Member



To encourage greater participation of KD Women in all aspects of society, especially in the social, cultural and economic activities so that they can be empowered, realized their potential and become integral to the progress and development of the nation.



To provide a platform, opportunity and tools for KD Women to participate in the socio-cultural and economic development of our nation. 


1. Fostering and facilitating networks, promote friendship, cooperation and understanding with other women and women’s organizations at the state and national level.

2. To encourage KD Women to be enterprising and self-reliant.

3. To hold conferences, organize training courses and workshops related to cultural, social and economics for KD Women.

4. To seek funding from range of sources, be it from individuals (in the form of a donation), government grants or fund raised within (internally) to support its activities and help realize its vision.

5. To support the overall Vision and Mission of KDCA.