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The synopsis of the 11 Cultural Kadazandusun (KD) houses at the Grounds of Hongkod Koisaan KDCA. Where, this synopsis of the 11 cultural houses in this book is the first ever effort to document them with the help and support of all the House Leaders representing respective cultural houses:
The construction of the 11 Cultural houses representing the 11 KD  ethnic groups at the grounds of the Hongkod Koisaan KDCA play  a very important role in supporting the mission and vision of KDCA. Each of the cultural house is a treasury that portrays the sophistication of the KD civilization, it is not just the architecture, but the cultural, social and family values that highly regard happiness in life and harmony in society.
The high level of knowledge among the KD society since the early days is shown in their ability to adapt and use their natural environment as the source of their building materials. The primary materials used in the construction of KD cultural houses are bamboo, palm leaves, wood, bark, palm trees, and rattan. All the raw materials were are obtained around their settlements.
The architecture of the 11 cultural houses in this book is generally similar because their functions are identical. They serve as shelters from the heat of the sun and from rain. However, in the old days they also serve as safe places from the attacks of wild animals. The house serves as the family house, therefore all the cultural houses are to fulfil the needs of its occupants. There is a place to rest and relax, a place to sleep, cook and store paddy. In view of this, every house is constructed with care and in accordance with the customs and taboos as a house to the KD community embodies the spirit of existence that brings the continuity of life among the KD society now and perpetually.
Although the 11 cultural houses built within the grounds of KDCA are not fully made from the original building materials used long ago, the overall architectures  is preserved as important monuments to be seen by the present younger and future generations. The cultural houses at KDCA are very meaningful to all the KD communities because the houses evidence about the people's ability, willingness and sincerity to unite in diversity for the sake of the dignity of their cultures which bear the identity of the collective group of KD, supported by the 40 Kadazandusun sub-ethnic groups.